Mustafa Kızıl lives and works in Kütahya were he is a professor at Dumlupınar University.

This tile is made using a contemporary çini technique known as gravür, or etching, which grows from a more Western, naturalistic style and requires a series of layered washes of glaze to be applied to the surface of the tile to achieve a watercolor-like effect. The image depicts the 15th century Küçük Hamam, or the little Turkish bath, a Kütahya landmark where the Mongol conqueror Timurlane is rumored to have bathed during his campaign in Anatolia.

Now the famous Turkish bath still stands and has been converted into a particularly charming restauraunt serving traditional Turkish food as well as some Eastern favorites including the rare meningiç tea made from the berries of the turpentine tree.

















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