Nurettin Gülaçtı lives and works in Kütahya where he is a professor at Dumlupınar University.

His three tile designs are informed by his extensive research of the history of ceramics and ceramic motifs in Turkey. The first tile is inspired by the Kaabah tile paintings which during Ottoman times were frequently placed in mosques and palaces to designate the direction to Mecca. Beneath the Kaabah in the composition we see other buildings in a flattened miniature style on a brick road. The composition is framed in four Turkish tulips.



The second tile is a variation of a common Kütahya style of figurative image from the 18th and 19th centuries. The highly stylized figure is characteristic of tiles made by artists living in Kütahya at that time.




The third tile features a Selcuk-style sphinx with a swirling vine backgound.
















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